Google has stopped working on my android
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Fix the issue of Google not working on android
Some of the ways to fix the issue of Google not working on android are discussed below. By following these steps, the users may resolve Google not working issue. In case the users need some assistance then the users may talk to the technical experts for

Solution No.1:

The users may disable the apps in the accessibility settings. Then the users should Navigate to the Settings section and then scroll down and tap on Accessibility. At the top of the screen,the user may find the apps. The user may tap on these apps and then switch them off. This may resolve the issue of Google has stopped working on my android.

Solution No.2:
The users may clear the cache and data in the Google Play Store. If this didn't work, then the users need to go to the Google Play services and then clear the data and cache there. The user may go to the settings section and then hit the application manager app.

Solution No.3:

Then the users may update the Google app. For this the user needs to make sure that they have the latest version of Google app. By opening the Google Play option, the users may tap on three horizontal lines in order to open the menu and then tap on “My apps & games”. The user may find that all the apps are present there. The users may press the update option in order to resolve the issue of Google not working.

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